Not to toot my own horn, but…


The first review for my work is online at Comic Book Resources and although they kinda rough up the DC Halloween Special a bit, they had some nice things to say about the story I participated in with Joe Harris and Lee Garbett including the following snippit:

Batman and Robin (the current) team with Andrew Bennett of “I. . . Vampire” fame to battle the Blood Moon Cult. The play between the three characters is entertaining, but all too brief, and the resolution to the story just a little too swift. Lee Garbett’s work on the story is sensational and Chris Beckett’s colors really make the story breathe.

Pretty awesome to get called out on my work specifically.  Especially considering colorists rarely get acknowledged.

What, what, WHAT are you doing?

Go out IMMEDIATELY and pick up your very own copy of the DCU Halloween Special 2010 #1 in stores AT THIS VERY MOMENT!  It’s chock full of hilariously entertaining and spooky holiday fare by your favorite writers and artists in the business (and for those of you who don’t really read comics, believe me…these guys are top notch!) featuring your favorite characters in all of the pop-culture universe.

SERIOUSLY.  I mean, I’m working on Batman and Robin.  AND THERE’S A VAMPIRE TOO!

(A brief story on a personal note: the debut of the third Robin – Tim Drake – was the first comic I ever went out to the comic store and bought for myself.  This story doesn’t feature Tim Drake though…it features Damian Wayne who is the fourth [fifth if you count that silly girl] Robin.)


I already did.  And it’s in the DCU Halloween Special 2010 #1 and it’s in stores now.  Plus when you’re finished with it, you can hand it off to the child who wins your award for best Halloween costume 2010. WHAT A PRIZE!

And just to Twitter-plug the folks that helped me out with this project, you can follow the ruggedly handsome editor of all things Batman: Mike Marts; his superbly charming associate editor and master of all things lovely and geeky (and sings some MAD karaoke): Janelle Siegel; the talented and prolific writer: Joe Harris; and the over-the-top talented with the drawings: Lee Garbett.  And of course, you can follow me here, but you already knew that.